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The 360 degree view on One Loyalty defines the seamless journey of a business with One Loyalty. The core engine of One Loyalty outpowers any other loyalty engine with its proven solutions that incorporates the best practice methodologies for ultimate success rate of the business. These strategies are well-defined to significantly improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention to develop long-lasting loyalty.


With over decades of experience in designing innovative & performance-proven loyalty programs, One Loyalty Program managers have gained tremendous knowledge and industry know-how in working with different business program designing, implementation and ongoing program management.

We evaluate an objective for a new loyalty program design or enhancement to an existing system. Our no-cost consultation service is steered by our business heads who provide a detailed description about how a loyalty program should be implemented utilizing the best technologies & techniques for your business.

1) Program Design

  • A contextual design of a program that aligns with our client’s requirements, goals and strategy to drive a more profitable behavior
  • Setting goals around a primary business objective that will drive customer impact over a defined period
  • Strategic planning to design a program that drive more customer acquisition rates, frequent customer engagements and active customer advocates

2) Best Practice Incorporation

  • Our team follows the best practice methodology while designing loyalty programs which increases the success rate and builds a robust system which will perform as best in the industry loyalty program design.
  • Innovative solutions to implement and strategize a full-fledged loyalty program and best in business campaign management tool.

3) Data Analytics & Customer Segmentation

  • Analytical approach that leverages customer data to uniquely identify best solutions for the program
  • Cutting edge analytic capabilities that allows our clients to engage with customers more effectively
  • Derive actionable insights through customer segmentation based on
    • Demographics
    • Psychographic
    • Geographic
    • Transaction Based
    • Product Based
    • Target Based


The One Loyalty Framework is constructed by a team of “best in the industry” loyalty experts with wide experience in implementing customer loyalty and engagement programs.

Our proprietary framework enables a well-designed and customized rewards experience that significantly improves customer acquisition, engagement, retention and develops a strong brand affinity with customers.

1) White Labeled Microsite & Mobile App

  • Microsite & Mobile App interface with comprehensive features & functionalities
  • Interface for customers to view their profile and get personalized offers and promotions
  • A detailed summary of each and every earning and redemption detail of customers

2) Database Management

  • Seasoned database management services that helps our clients take important pieces of information about each program member
  • Deep analysis of customer database that allows our clients to identify top customers & top customer segments

3) Points Management

  • Awards points to loyalty members based on different program configurations
  • Redeemable points based on program configuration
  • Points sharing with friends and family

4) Earn Logic & Burn Logic

  • Different earning rules for customers based on different program configuration
  • Unique loyalty points burning rule implies throughout the loyalty program
  • Allows customers to earn and redeem reward points online or offline

5) Reports & Analytics

  • Standardized and customized reports & analytics generation
  • Auto generated reports triggered to the merchant on daily basis


Our loyalty experts execute a full-fledged communication plan to reach out to loyalty members effectively and drive engagement accordingly. Our communication plan includes continuous engagement throughout the program via different communication channels. We emphasize on personalized engagement to focus on the relevant aspects of customer relationship building.

1) Customer Care

  • Enrollments to be managed by SMS & Call Centre Support
  • Enriched data information are extracted by Call Centre Support through calls

2) Toll-Free / SMS / iVR Integration

  • Round-the-clock assistance for various consumer queries regarding available point balance, overall transactions, recent offers, deals, announcements etc.
  • Ensures that the customers get the right message at the right time

3) Contact Center

  • Management of customer-related queries through high-quality interactions
  • Responsible for the verifications, enrollment and banking


Our expertly profiled and tracked analytics in terms of customer purchase behavior enable us to craft perfectly-targeted promotions. We develop the most effective techniques to target each of the customer groups in order to attain the Key Performance Indicators of the program such as sales, customer retention rates & customer acquisition rates. We follow an analytical and communicative plan to improve existing customer relationships and to acquire new customers.

1) Client Success Management

  • A detailed report of the key performance indicators of the program
  • Comprehensive monitoring and success management of the loyalty program
  • Ensures the loyalty program is optimized continually to deliver successful results to clients

2) Creative Design & Marketing

  • Analyze various customer segments, identify which promotions to run and which customers to target
  • Customer segmentation research enables creative promotional plan ideas

3) Campaign Design & Analytics

  • Analyze customer participation, monitor progress and take timely action
  • Superior analytics that acts as a valuable input for campaign design


The One Loyalty sourcing team has a strong network of top brands with best value products for our customers. We deliver to almost all the serviceable pin codes across PAN India. We make sure that the customers receive the redeemed products in the shortest delivery time.

1) Redemption Catalog

  • The products mentioned in the redemption catalogue can be purchased by redeeming the loyalty points by the customers
  • An exhaustive list of product items mentioned in the redemption catalog that can be redeemed by customers through various communication channels

2) Sourcing Partner Management

  • Dedicated module to manage & operate partnerships within the loyalty program
  • An extensive network of partners to enhance the existing loyalty program
  • Management of partnership and promotions to extend brand reach, improve customer experience and meet business objectives of clients.

3) Logistics & Delivery

  • Ensures timely delivery of redeemed products by customers in the best possible condition
  • Timely updates related to the shipment of the redeemed product through various communication channels


Would you like to implement a loyalty program for your business to boost customer engagement? Get in touch with us at info@oneloyalty.co for a demo.

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