Automotive Loyalty Program: Smile Your Way to Successful Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is gaining more and more advantage in the businesses today. Loyal customers are the primary key leading to the success of any organization. Customers who are loyal tend to purchase more often, spend more money and usually contribute to a positive word-of-mouth. Consequently, the automotive industry is striving to identify effective methodologies to drive customer loyalty through effective customer loyalty programs.

Our client being an automotive dealer wanted to gather insightful data on the purchasing behavior of their customers and the ability to reward their frequent and loyal customers for various transactions associated with their automotive dealership store. Their sole aim was to make their customers SMILE throughout their journey of being a part of their dealership store.


In order to allow our client  to overcome their challenges and by meeting their requirements, Arokia IT One Loyalty created a loyalty program structure that followed a continuous cycle of  onboarding, earning, engagement and redemption for shopping and regular service visits at the dealership store.

The program was designed in a way to thank their existing customers and hopefully win over some new ones. From super valuable rewards offerings to enhanced customer experience, this rewards program was loaded with the best of features making it a success.

Let’s find out what really made the program so noteworthy!

  • The loyalty program offered an easy to understand enrollment process allowing customers to register to the program on their first visit to the dealership store.
  • In addition to being easy to understand, the program was also easy to find. The program was made very visible by including links in the SMS which was triggered to customers upon successful enrollment. This encouraged customers to click and install the app to find out more and discover the value of participating in the Program.
  • The minimal yet practical design of the mobile app provided an online portal for customers to keep a track of their points earned and redeemed.
  • With one quick touch on the App, customers can locate the nearest automotive dealership store and book an appointment on a date of their choice without any hassle.
  • Every referral made by a customer enrolled to this program is entitled to added loyalty benefits.
  • The program includes a continuous customer engagement plan through various communication channels such as SMS, email alerts and push notifications. Customers received informative content regularly regarding earned points, redeemed points, deals & offers, etc.
  • An interactive customized dashboard that allows program owners to generate all relevant monthly custom reports.

These exciting features of the program, not only increased the engagement rates but also delivered a more enjoyable customer experience, making everything related to the program more appealing and customer-friendly.


The program is growing at a rapid pace – increasing value to owners, dealers, and merchants.  Customers have immensely enjoyed participating in the program which is now evolving at a faster rate with new recognition and reward elements being introduced, as well as new offers and promotions being triggered to customers on a regular basis.

If you are thinking of boosting your sales through an automotive loyalty program same as our client, mail us at for a demo.

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